The traumatising Rikscha ride was also a start to a relatively relaxed and fun weekend. Once we arrived, we haggled our way to a respectable, yet pocket-money-friendly houseboat, and joined the hoards of, mainly domestic, tourists, for a float on Keralas back waters! We sat back, enjoyed the view (of busy villagers on the shores), the sounds (mainly of the motors of other houseboats passing by), and the tastes of the Keralan houseboat kitchen (2 small fishies, but a hearty portion of daal et al!)….Continue Reading “Kerala Quicking”

After having spent long hours of the week in the office, sweating over reinsurance structures, it was time for some adventure. T and myself jumped on a late evening flight on Friday with destination “weekend on a houseboat in Kerala, South India”. Adventure we wanted adventure we got! Since we arrived late late late, a bus hunt was out of the equation, and into its place moved the taxi. We approached car after car, and after a few waving arms of refusal, and pointing fingers…Continue Reading “Adventure Ahoj!”

It seems that for many years, after leaving Varsovia at age 7, I had the propensity to be drawn to cities/ countries starting with an “S”- Stockholm… Scotland… Sichuan… Switzerland. The trend seems to have turned to the letter “M” lately! Munich, now Mumbai, and who knows what next!? Murmansk??! *big eyed scared face* But let´s cross that bridge when we get to it, and for now focus on MUMBAI! Previously known as Bombai, or as named by the Portugese baaack in the day –…Continue Reading “Hello Mumbai!”